23 Nov 2008

The secularists' attack on Islam

Secularism is about separating religion from life’s affairs. Obviously a religion is secular by default as it constitutes only a spiritual relationship between an individual and God. Islam however is not a religion, and the closest word to describe Islam in English is "ideology" i.e. a belief from which a complete system of life emanates. However, ideally Muslims should use the divine word given by Almighty Allah instead i.e. Deen.

Understanding this, one can conclude that anybody who separates Islam from life’s affairs can no longer be called a Muslim and commits apostasy from the Deen of Islam (i.e. becomes a Kaafir). Many secularists who call themselves Muslims do not therefore realise that all their prayers, fasting, Hajj, zakaat, charity and any other supposedly good deeds are nullified and void if at the end of all their good deeds, they believe in giving allegiance to the Queen or to the British government.

The secular apostates believe in inviting the disbelievers to the House of Allah to speak about kufr politics and to propagate their kufr and shirk (e.g. voting for man-made law), yet when sincere Muslims wish to propagate the message of Islam, they co-operate with the Kuffaar (police) and prevent them from entering the mosques. Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’aan:

“And who is more unjust than those who forbid that Allah’s name be glorified and mentioned…” [EMQ 2: 114]

“The mosques of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day…” [EMQ 9: 18]

It is therefore prohibited for non-Muslims to build or maintain the Mosques, however if we take a look around us, not only are many so called Mosques built by the Kuffaar, but they are also mortgaged to them! Indeed they are empty from any barakah (blessing from Allah) and are contaminated by the Kaafir MPs who visit the House of Allah with their impurities in order to propagate their kufr.

The secularists also invite MPs such as George Galloway and other Kuffaar, such as Tony Benn, to give the Muslims solutions for the crisis in which we are in. They imitate the disbelievers step by step, from speaking like them, to dressing, smelling, behaving and even carrying the same kufr concepts as them.

The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) said: "My Ummah will imitate the disbelievers so much so, that if they were to enter a Lizard’s hole they would follow them."

They love the non-Muslims more than Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims, and they always refer to the non-Muslims for guidance and example, rather than referring to the Qur’aan and Sunnah; "Look at the Jews! We should be more like them", is a common statement of the secularists.

The Secularists believe that Islam is only in the heart, mortgages are halaal (lawful), it is allowed to demonstrate with the Socialists (i.e. homosexuals, lesbians and paedophiles etc.) and that democracy is part of Islam etc. Their evil characteristics are countless and they are one of the most dangerous threats to sincere Muslims and to the re-emergence of the khilaafah, because they are the threat from within (i.e. the Munaafiqeen).

Sadly, the Secularists represent the majority of the "Muslims" today, as our beloved Messenger Muhammad (SAW) warned over 1400 years ago that the majority of Muslims will be deviant and misguided:

"My Ummah will be divided into 73 sects; all of them will be in Hellfire except one." His companions then asked: "Who are they?" He (SAW) replied: "Those who follow me and my companions." (Al-Bukhaari and Muslim)

This hadeeth informs us that the majority of Muslims will be deviant and will enter Hellfire. Only a small portion or minority will be eligible for Paradise.

In conclusion, secularism is one the causes of disunity and decline within the Muslim Ummah. Allah (SWT) sent Islam for us to govern our lives by and to rule the earth with it. Without the Islamic state (khilaafah) the Muslims are living like fish out of water.

Muslims are obliged to support all forms of jihaad and work collectively for the establishment of the khilaafah (Islamic state) which will once again unite this Ummah under the banner of Laa ilaaha illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah and which will rid the world from secularism, inshaa-Allah.

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