21 Jan 2009

A Summary of Islam

Islam is a complete and divine way of life different from all other beliefs, customs and traditions. Islam is not like other religions; it provides answers to every problem that you could possibly face in your life, for you as an individual or for society. Islam elevates the human being from the worship of material things to the exclusive worship and obedience of Allah. Here are some of the aspects that Islam deals with:


The Islamic creed is unique and it is the truth; this means that everything else is falsehood and cannot be accepted. Islam does not accept interfaith as all other beliefs and ways of life are false and cannot be given any credence. The Islamic way of life is superior and never can the superiority of it be surpassed.


The Islamic economic system does not accept the concept of usury which is a means of enslaving the people; therefore, it rejects the concept of banks, interest based loans, mortgages, credit cards etc. The Islamic economic system is based upon the principle that all wealth belongs to Allah (God) and our job is to maintain and administer this wealth in order to ensure that it is utilised in the right way. The economic system of Islam ensures that people do not live in poverty and do not suffer like the masses under the greed of the capitalist (kufr) system.


Islam lays out clear guidelines for the conduct between males and females in both public and private life. Islam forbids free mixing between the two genders unless done under the etiquettes and guidelines of Islamic law. Islam preserves the family structure and overcomes issues of moral and ethical values.


The Islamic way of life ensures that those who commit crimes are punished and reprimanded according to the divine commands of Allah, and that obedience and submission is to no law except the law and order of Allah, the Commander and Sustainer of all of mankind.

Foreign Policy

The Islamic belief transcends boundaries and borders and therefore unites all Muslim countries into one land under the leadership of one person ruling by Islamic law. Islam deals with foreign invaders who occupy lands like Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, China, Sudan, Niger, Nigeria, Bosnia, Kosovo and Uzbekistan, and deals with all the wounds of the Muslim Ummah (nation). Islam deals with those people or nations that commit aggression and spread their corruption in the world.

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