22 Aug 2009

Women who wear hijab and niqab willingly

Women who wear hijab and niqab willingly are free from being slaves to society, and reach new heights by doing what they choose, wearing out of their own choice and not what the media forces them to be.

So you see the pearl with the hijab (covering) and niqab being pleased that no evil man can thrill, stare and steal her beauty, so she reserves it for the man who she loves and who takes care for her safety, being aware that he will also limit his glances to her.

This man knows that he won't give his glances to another stranger woman, since he knows that giving glances to a woman who doesn't belong to you is a loss. He knows that by staring at the one he loves will bring him closer to her, instead of poisoning himself with the glance of another who he can't have, and if he did - he wouldn't feel secure with.

This couple love each other because they are pleased with each other, without fear or anxiety of loss. They know that their awareness of Allah keeps them within their limits, so they don't transgress the boundaries with that sneaky glance, since the poison glance is what causes the sour pain, and death of a secure, smooth and tranquil relationship.

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