20 Jan 2010

the second part of the khutbah by Salaahudeen al Ayyubi

Then he delivered the second Khutbah (sermon) as is usual, shortened, then he prayed for the Imam Nasir, Khalifa Al Asr and said,

Second Khutbah (sermon)

O Allah, prevail the rule of your slave –the submitter to Your might, the grateful to Your bounties, the acknowledger to Your ability, Your sharp sword, and glowing star and the protector of Your religion, the defender, and the guard on Your prohibited sacredness, the Esteemed Master, the King Al Nasir, the unifier of the word of faith, and the suppressor of the slave and Cross, the Sultan of the Deen (religion) and the Duniya (world), the Sultan of Islam and Muslims, and the purifier of Jerusalem from the hands of the idolaters, Abi Al Muzaffar Yusuf Bin Ayyuub resuscitator of the State of Ameer Al Muminin.

O Allah pervade his simple land, and surround your Angels around his flag, and reward him aptly on behalf of the Hanafi religion, and thank on behalf of the creed of Muhammad his determination and march. O Allah, preserve for Islam its soul, and preserve for belief its containment, and spread in the East and West its message. O Allah how You liberated on his hands Jerusalem after we assumed what we assumed, and the Muslims were put to trial, conquer at his hand nearest of the earth and farthest of it, and make him possess (control) the matter of disbelief and their forelocks. Let not there remain a unit he encounters, except that he disrupted it, nor a group except that he scattered them, neither a group after group except that he put them with who preceded them. O Allah, thank on behalf of Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Sultan, and spread in the East and West his order and prohibition. O Allah guide through him the centers of the lands and its sides, and corners of the countries and its folds, O Allah disgrace through him the cores of the disbelievers and smear (in dust) through him the noses of the dissolute, and spread peace with his rule in the region, and spread the units of his soldiers in all directions. O Allah, retain the rule for him on his heel until the Day of Judgment, and protect his righteous successors, and his brothers, who bloom with determination and establishment, and aid his rule with their presence, and decree to glorify his and their supporters. O Allah as you have shown at his hand to Islam this goodness of days, and is renewed with the passage of months and years, so grant him the immortal rule (land) that does not perish in the House of the pious, and answer His prayer in his saying

"My Lord! Grant me the power and ability that I may be grateful for Your Favors which You have bestowed on me and on my parents, and that I may do righteous good deeds that will please You, and admit me by Your Mercy among Your righteous slaves.'' (Surah AnNaml, Verse 19)

Then he prayed with what was the norm and descended and established the prayer

May Allah grant us the honor of listening the Friday sermon at the liberation of Aqsa again!

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