12 Jul 2010

Dhikr gives a person strength

Ibn Qayyim said:

"Dhikr gives a person strength so that he can do with dhikr that which he cannot do without it. I saw wonders in the strength of Shaykhul'-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah in walking, speech, courage and writing. He used to write in one day what a scribe would write in a week, or more. The troops saw his amazing strength in war. RasulAllah (saw) taught his daughter Fatimah (raa) and Ali (ra) to recite tasbih thirty-three times every night when they went to bed, and to recite tahmid thirty-three times, and to recite takbir thirty-four times, when she asked him for a servant and complained to him about the hardship of grinding corn, working and serving (her family). He taught her that and said: “It is better for you than a servant.” It was said: The one who persists in doing that will find strength in his body that will make him independent of the need for a servant."

(al-Waabil al-Sayyib, 77)

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