8 Nov 2008

Do you represent Islaam?

In an age of corruption and disorder, many Muslims are forced to choose between Islam and that which is advocated by society. Muslims that attend educational institutes or are working amongst the first to be pushed against the wall and pressurized to abandon the commands of Allah just to appease their peers, classmates, colleges or friends. Because of the compromise of some, other Muslims are either scared or ashamed to practice Islam.

So, when others see you in college or at work are you known as:

A Muslim or a person that free-mixes?
A Muslimah or a person that does not cover-up?
A Muslim or a person that swears?
A Muslim or a person that does not pray?
A Muslim or a person that listens to music?

Dear brothers and sisters, a Muslim is not a person that is known for behaving like an animal with no care in the world, rather a Muslim is a responsible person that dedicates his/her whole life in serving Allah (SWT) and helping towards the betterment of society and other people. As Muslims we are the representatives of Muhammad (SAW) and we can not allow Islam to be degraded because of our negligence.

Muhammad (SAW) said,

“Each one of you are at one of the frontiers of Islam, fear Allah, and do not let Islam be attacked from your direction”.

The moment we stop practicing Islam and follow the ways of the Kuffar (disbelievers), we let ourselves, other Muslims and most importantly Allah down. Those that do not fear Allah in their words and deeds will always allow Islam to be attacked from their direction. We must never compromise Islam, rather we must submit completely to Allah and not those that divert us away from Him.

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