8 Nov 2008

Where is your allegiance?

After every attack against the West and her interest i.e. 11th September, 3rd March, and 7th July the question of allegiance and loyalty has always resurfaced. After years of confusion the Muslim nations have come to a cross road, and have been forced to decide between: Western ‘Crusader’ Terrorist or Religious ‘Mujahideen’ Terrorist. According to the Western states, if the former is chosen one is considered civilised and progressive, but if the latter is chosen one is demonised and labelled as backward, extreme, and degenerate.

The ‘Archbishop of Evil’ George Bush famously said, “You are either with us, or the terrorist.” This statement of the Archbishop has been advocated by his closest minister ‘Cardinal’ Tony Blair.

Therefore any person, group, nation, country that refrains from siding with the Western ‘Crusader’ Terrorist will be imprisoned (Shaykh Abu Qatada, Shaykh Abu Hamza), assassinated (Shaykh Ahmed Yaseen), barred (Talibaan, Palestinians), sanctioned (Iraq), invaded (Afganistan) etc.

From the perspective of Islam the matter has been addressed clearly by Allah (SWT). Allegiance can only be to Allah, the Messenger (SAW) and the believers, as He (SWT) said,
“Verily, Your Wali (Protector or helper) is none other than Allah, His Messenger, and the believers…” [Surah Al Maidah 5:55]

For the Muslim, all matters must be referred to Allah (SWT) because only to Him do we submit. And Allah (SWT) has prohibited any form of allegiance with the disbelievers,

“Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Awliyah (helpers, supporters..)”
[Surah Al Imran 3:28]

As far as the Islamic ruling is concerned, the world has been divided into two opposing camps:

1) The Camp of Allah and they are the Messengers, Prophets, Believers, and Mujahideen. 2) The Camp of Shaytaan and they are the devils, disbelievers, Crusaders, hypocrites and the apostates.

According to Islam, the one that chooses the camp of Allah is from those that are guided, for whom Paradise has been prepared. And whoever chooses the Camp of Shaytaan is from the worst of creation, and the scorching fires of Jahanam (hellfire) has been kindled for him.

So when the Crusaders ask us, if we (the Ummah of Muhammad [SAW]) are with them, our reply has been dictated by our Aqeedah (belief) and we say,

“Do as you like but we will never pledge loyalty or allegiance with people that do not value the blood of Muslims. Our loyalty can never be given to a nation that fights against our people only because they are Muslims.We are Muslims, and we pledge our support, allegiance, and loyalty to Allah (SWT), His Messenger Muhammad (SAW), the believers and the Mujahideen”!!

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